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About Navimor Inter-Trade

Since year 1995  Navimor Inter-Trade has been present at the international market of industrial products. Our aim is to supply high quality and competitive products and services. We are prepared to organize supplies and outsourcing of production based on Polish industry.

Product supported by services

Together with a product we offer several services which help our customers in daily work with our supply chain.
Market research, logistics, technical and commercial consultancy significantly supplement our offer.

Our activity consists of:

  • steel structures for building industry
  • process equipment for food and chemical industry
  • gear boxes and gear parts 
  • cranes and lifting equipment 
  • windmill components
  • hull outfit and propeller parts for shipbuilding industry 
  • hydraulic power units parts 
  • parts for energy, mining and cement industry 

Our offer

Consulting and market research

For many years we’ve been working on our supply chain, as a result we are able to find solutions for supplies of products following customer detailed specification. 

Foreign trade consulting

Based on long term experience we are capable to support export and import of industrial components through all transaction phases.

    Technical support and quality inspection

    For securing high quality of products we are following projects from the inquiry, throughout production, acceptance and delivery. Our offer may include technical supervision according to the specific demands.

    Dual use and strategic products 

    We offer services connected to handling goods that have dual use or strategic meaning. 

    Steel structures

    We supply steel structures using different materials: carbon steel, stainless/acidproof, duplex grades.  Heat treatment, machining and surface treatment following customer specification.  


    We offer machining of small and large size components using CNC controled machines. 

    We offer machining of:

    • Shaft parts lenght up to 18000mm and dia 2000mm  
    • Casted parts, steel structures up to 50 t

    We supply forged parts for below industries:

    • shipbuilding
    • energy
    • mining
    • gas and oil

    We supply castings in wide range of materials, dimensions, weights and geometry. Our offer includes design, manufacturing of patterns and moulding process.


    PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10

    Trade and forwarding of industrial products.


    Contact us


    Armii Krajowej 116/7 

    81-824 Sopot, Poland


    Tel.:   + 48 58 301 56 74
              + 48 58 301 71 51

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    Sąd Rejonowy w Gdańsku
    KRS nr 0001003994
    NIP  PL 585-14-65-693